*$29.99/ room Offer valid for online booking only! Our Minimum required per Visit is $100.00 within our 15 miles working area, from 6420 Rea Rd., Charlotte, NC 28277 or $120.00 for Apartment Buildings or hard to reach places. (Additional $30 may apply to services out of our normal working area, due to extra gas, extra time, extra labor and other expenses involved)

Pictures of Our Cleaning 7 Steps


* My Carpet Cleaning special of $29.99 per room (Regular Deep Steam or Dry Cleaning) is only valid for online booking! I’ll define as a room any carpeted area of a maximum of 150 square feet, which is the equivalent of a 10’x 15’ area. Combination living/dining rooms, “L” shaped rooms and rooms that exceeds 150 Sq.Ft. will be considered as 2 separate rooms or 1 ½ room.


* Hall ways and Walk-in Closets varies in size and prices ($5.00 to $30.00)


* Stair way is charged by the amount of Steps ($3.00 per steps)



 *** (Additional charges for Pet Odor Decontamination treatment!) ***


Ps.: Specialty, Fine Carpeting, Berber Carpets or Area Rugs, such as Wool and Orientals , Restoration Cleaning, Pet Odor Decontamination Treatment or Extremely Soiled conditions will be all priced on a different basis.upholstery_cleaning_jpg_2013


* Sofa = $120.00 (3 seats reg. size) Deep Cleaning w/ Free Deodorizing.

* Love Seat = $95.00 (2 seats reg. size) Deep Cleaning w/ Free Deodorizing.

* Sectional Sofa = $35.00 to $40.00 per seat (or sections)

* Big Chairs or Recliners = $85.00 Deep Cleaning w/ Free Deodorizing.

*Ottoman = $25.00

* Dining Chairs = $10.00 seat only, $20.00 seat + back or $35.00 full body fabric.

* Leather Cleaning = $35.00 to $45.00 per seat (or section)

Ps.: Natural Fabric, Specialty, Fine Fabrics, such as Wool, White Cotton, or Haitian Cotton will be priced on a different basis.







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